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"Crimson Heart is a "must read" for any Crimson Tide fan. His stories reveal the compassion of the man as well as describe how he helped bring Alabama athletics back to national prominence. My only criticism is that the book ended--truly one of those books that I was unable to put down. I read it in one sitting and was left wanting to hear more Mal Moore stories."

​- John N. Cardwell

"Great book about a great man."

​- Jo H. Tinker

"Reading this was like sitting with Mal Moore listening to great stories about his life. Being a Crimson Tide fan my whole life I learned things in the book I never knew."

​- Andrea Swanson

"This book tells a story of a great man and his love of life. He made sure every thing that he was involved in was the very best it could be. He never settle for any thing less. If any of you reading this review want a book to give you a warm feeling and a guide on how to live your life this is a book that you have to have. Coach / Mr. Moore was a great man with a passion to make a change in peoples life and I think he accomplished just that. A MAN gone way to early!"

​- Butch

"Took me only two evenings to read this book. I couldn't put it down! A must read for all Alabama fans for sure, as well as anyone who appreciates college football. Mal Moore was pure class and a true Southern gentleman!"

​- Dale Stafford

"What a sweet, intimate look into Mal's life and his love of his team and the tradition of The University of Alabama. This is not Rocket Science--it's quaintly written, very personable and gives the reader some intimacy with the inside operations that she may or may not have heard rumors of. Yet he keeps it on the High Road the whole time. When I finished, with a great tribute at the end, I wish I had paid more attention to the man. I wanted to go hug him. "

​- JJE

Praise for the Crimson Heart

"A must read for an Alabama fan, a beautiful mix of sports history and personal challenge. Coach Moore given an insightful view of the politics of high level college football, with many stories not known to the average fan. Trying to balance a family and personal life with the pressures of the sports business is difficult at best and Mal's devotion to his family is documented and inspirational. I was honored to know and play under Coach Moore and can attest to the fact he was a "straight shooter", a class gentleman and had a true love for his wife and the Crimson Tide"

​- Ruue

All proceeds of this and future projects will go to support various charities and entities that were near to Mal and Charlotte’s heart.
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"I have just completed my reading of my brothers book. It was so wonderful, so true, so meaningful, in that I shared that growing up experience with him. Our home was wonderful, all that he said it was. I'm so proud of him and his accomplishments in life. It was a tearful read for me, but I'm sure note for anyone else. It was an eye opener for me , in that I never knew the things he endured and went through for his education, that later became his life."

​- Martha Morris, Coach Moore's Sister

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